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Payday Loans Columbus GA

Payday loans Columbus GA is a loan type issued online. For depositing funds, you do not even need to leave your appartment. Lenders issue online loans. The lending company will transfer money to you to a bank card, account or e-wallet.

You can also arrange a targeted loan when buying from an online store. In this case, the MFI will transfer the money directly to the store’s account. The amount of the approved amount, terms and rates of the online loans Columbus GA will be calculated on an individual basis.

How to get payday loans online?

When money is needed in a short time, only a few steps have to be complited from transferring it. To issue a payday loan, you need to spend only 10 minutes on:

  • filling out an application, which indicates the desired amount and term of the loan, full name, date of birth of the borrower, phone number and e-mail;
  • choice of options of depositing money;
  • reviewing of an application (takes no more than one minute);
  • receiving funds to the specified card or to the account of the payment system within 24 hours.

An urgent loan has a lot of advantages:

  • high speed of processing;
  • minimum package of documents;
  • favorable interest rates;
  • short loan repayment period;
  • no need to attract guarantors or issue a pledge;
  • simple loan repayment.

Why do people address payday lenders?

Lending companies provide customers with excellent service. It is reliable and easy to cooperate: it is offered simple application and ample opportunities for timely repayment.

Many people come back for a second loan, because they are convinced that we have transparent terms of cooperation, clear fulfillment of obligations and a loyal attitude towards clients.

The main advantages of an online loan are speed and no need to visit an office or wait for a lender. Money is available anywhere and at any time of the day or night, including weekends when offices and are usually not operating. In addition, interest rates in online lending companies can be lower due to minimization of costs.

What is the interest rate for online payday loans in Georgia?

Advertising promises payday loans at 1-2%. However, this is not an annual interest rate, but a daily one. Moreover: in the agreement, this information can be deliberately categorized into different points. It is assumed that online loans are taken on a short term. But if someone could not pay off on time, there is a delay, the bill goes for months, for years. As a result, the debt becomes unbearable.

The accrued interest cannot exceed the amount of the principal debt more than three times, the repayment period of which is not over one year. The calculation does not include forfeit and services provided for a fee. This rule applies when the borrower has not even begun to repay the loan in Columbus.

If we are only talking about late payment, interest should not exceed two times the amount of the outstanding part of the loan (forfeit is also included in the calculation).

How to get a payday loan online in Columbus GA?

Choose a lender

Check the lender you have chosen is included in the register of microfinance organizations. If not, they are scammers.

Carefully read the terms of the funds issuance, use and return of payday loans in Georgia on the website. If you are satisfied with all the terms of the lender, you can proceed to the next step.

Fill in the form

Before entering personal information, double-check the lender address and make sure that you are dealing with a legal organization, and not fraudsters posing as microfinancers. Leakage of personal information is as dangerous as loss of documents.

Enter the required amount and loan term

Make sure that the agreement does not include extra services that you do not need

Often, lenders offer a life and health insurance policy, text informing about payments made, and other paid services in addition to a payday loan Columbus, GA. It happens that the price of these services increases the cost of the loan by 1.5–2 times.

On the request page, next to additional services, there should be fields, and you can check the necessary options with checkmarks. Often these checkboxes are put down in advance – then do not forget to remove them.

It happens that the site interface does not skip you to the next step if you refuse extra services.

Wait for an email about the review of the application

Usually, a lender makes a decision to issue a loan within several minutes. The result will be sent through email indicated in the application. If the application is approved, the message will contain a confirmation code.

Enter the confirmation code in the special field on the lender website. If you are still not sure whether you need a loan, or some terms do not suit you, then by law you have 5 working days to make a final decision.

When you enter the code, it confirms your agreement to deal a contract.

Track the time of money depositing

The date the money is transferred to the lender will become the date the loan agreement is signed. It is from this moment that interest begins to accrue. In this case, the transfer of money can take from several minutes to three working days from the moment of signing the agreement.

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