CDFIs are banks and credit unions that accommodate people who are traditionally locked out of financial systems. There are over 950 CDFIs certified by the CDFI Fund. CDFIs are profitable but not profit-maximizing.

There are four types of CDFIs in GA:

  1. banks and bank holding companies Р financial institutions licensed to receive deposits and make loans;
  2. loan funds – closed-end investment funds that form a separate area for investors and allow them to work with distressed debt assets;
  3. credit unions – non-profit financial institutions specializing in mutual financial assistance by providing savings and loan services to its members;
  4. venture capital funds – risky investment funds focused on working with innovative enterprises and projects.

To apply for a CDFI loan in GA, consumers must contact the CDFI Fund’s Help Desk by submitting a request online through your AMIS account; by phone to (202) 653-0421 or by e-mail to

CDFIs in Atlanta GA

  • 1st Choice Credit Union
  • BOND Community Federal Credit Union
  • Carver State Bank
  • Citizens Trust Bank
  • CORE Credit Union
  • Credit Union of Atlanta
  • Interstate Credit Union
  • Peach State Federal Credit Union
  • South Georgia Banking Company